Sectoral EQAVET for the design and delivery of Vocational Education & Training (VET)

(Self-)assessment, recommendations and good practices for improvement of VET quality from a sectors' point of view

Labour market demands in terms of quantity and quality are a moving target for VET. There is and there always will be some distance between labour demands and VET supply.
That's no problem as long as there is sufficient mutual involvement, communication and cooperation to keep the inescapable gaps as narrow as possible.


This webtool is meant to help both VET (providers) and Sector (representatives) to reflect on their (joint) activities and results regarding an optimal match of VET supply with labour demands and provide them with recommendations to define, measure and improve that match as well as with good practices.

The quality statements, recommendations and good practices address three of the ten EQAVET indicators:

5. Matching Quantity

In Eqavet defined from a student’s point of view as “Sufficient work placement positions for students and vacancies for graduates”. From a sector’s point of it is also a matter of “sufficient inflow of graduates”. That’s why we prefer to talk about a “quantitative match of VET supply with labour demand”.

6. Matching Quality

Eqavet speaks “- again from the student’s interest about “Utilisation of acquired skills at the workplace” whereas we prefer to address it a “the qualitative match of VET with the demand” (for workers with the right competences and skills). Employees and employers satisfaction with professional performance is the touchstone for the better match to make.

9. Adaptivity

In Eqavet terms this is described as “mechanisms to identify training needs in the labour market”. We like to focus on adaptivity to respond with foresight and flexibility to fluctuations in the labour market as well as the evolving job requirements.

Each indicator is worked out for all four successive phases of the Eqavet quality cycle:
I. Planning, II. Implementation, III. Evaluation, IV Review

Assessment, results, recommendations and good practices:

You start by reflecting on your current (VET or SECTOR) context, activities and success. After completing this assessment you are provided with recommendations for improving the quality of VET in cooperation between VET providers and Sector representatives. The recommendations are supplemented with a selection of good practices; 'recipes' for successful communication and collaboration to ensure a better match of VET supply with labour demands.

Overview of good practices

You may also skip the assessment (or come back another time) and go directly to the (filterable) list of all good practices collected in the partner countries.