Folkuniversitetet, Stiftelsen Kursverksamheten vid Stockholms Universitet


Folkuniversitetet (FU) is a national Adult Education Association which offers a wide range of VET and adult education training courses throughout Sweden and in several European countries. Folkuniversitetet employs around 400 teachers on a full-time basis and a further 7,000 part-time. Through the cooperation with other FU offices in Sweden, FU-Uppsala has a national coverage. FU was registered in 1954 and is nowadays a leading organisation in Sweden in Adult Education and Lifelong learning.

Folkuniversitetet consists of five legally independent trusts (regional offices) with a total of over forty local branches throughout Sweden. Every year, Folkuniversitetet welcomes over 140,000 students to a variety of lectures, short courses or full-time study programs with duration of six months to two years. Folkuniversitetet offers a wide range of adult education, both initial and continuous Vocational education and training, secondary education and labour market training. The pedagogical approach is based on the idea of imparting knowledge which is of immediate practical use to our students. A large part of the training offered by Folkuniversitetet targets people who need new knowledge and skills to apply in professional and/or labour market contexts. The theoretical knowledge and practical experience of employed teachers are well-suited to current requirements.


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Uppsala län, Sweden